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Carpet Cleaning Surrey

Posted on May 11 2013 by Chris Surrey in carpet cleaning surrey, carpet cleaner surrey, carpet cleaning london, carpet cleaners surrey

Carpet Cleaning Surrey

Throughout Surrey and London people have carpets and rugs in need of cleaning. The question many people ask is what is the benefit of employing a carpet cleaning professional as opposed to hiring a machine and doing it yourself.

First of all lets look at the option of hiring a machine and doing it yourself. In general the hire machines are smaller and less powerful than professional carpet cleaning machines. The negative here is that they do not have the powerful vacuums required to extract all the deep down dirt from your carpet. Apart from not extracting all the dirt from your carpet they will also leave it wetter than a professional clean. This means longer drying times and issues relating to shrinkage and such can arise.

Another issue is the cleaning products that come with the hire machine. It is usually the case that they come with a standard cleaning solution fit for all carpets. The problem is that often these products will not suit the type of carpet you have. If you have a very expensive wool carpet you, in general, would not want to use a strong chemical to clean it. You want to use something that will not have a negative effect on the wool. A professional carpet cleaner will have a variety of cleaning solutions from which to choose from. In the case of a wool carpet an eco-friendly cleaning solution may be preferable. Something that will leave the carpet free of chemicals and clean at the same time.

An issue that most people come across is stains and marks on their carpets. While many of these will be removed with a standard clean it is often the case that they require a specialist product to remove them. Again a professional carpet cleaner will have a variety of these to choose from. More importantly they will be able to identify what the problem is and what is the best product to deal with it. The removal of a stain is often the difference between a carpet looking fantastic and not so good.

The above are just a couple of reasons why it is best practice to hire a professional carpet cleaner when the need arises. There are many to choose from in Surrey and London at prices to suit all customers.

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